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Cultura Naturale

Cultura Naturale is a brand created by the Cultura Collection hotel management company that operates design centric concept hotels that are located in unique spaces in natural topographies. These hotels are created to deliver quality travel experiences through music, art, and culinary involvements.


Cultura Naturale represents retreat concept spaces with a focus on holistic experiences.

Cultura Naturale properties are not located in urban centers, however they are located within a two to three hour drive or train ride from major cities. We believe ease of travel is part of the customer experience and choose our locations accordingly

Cultura Naturale will embrace Cultura Collections brand values of design, service and cultural and culinary experiences.

“The brands I am creating are more than just hotel management companies. It is the formation of an inspiring brand that taps into all of our senses. It uses our ability to see, hear, smell, touch, taste and think. A great brand is relevant, has design importance, and knows exactly who it is. This is Cultura Collection- brands I plan to grow with a handful of visionaries.”

– Renimah AlMattar, Creator of Cultura Collection


Cultura Collection’s Management Team has been selected from a background of important disciplines including real estate development. The team helps source prospective hotel assets to be renovated to embody the brand and later operated by the Cultura hotel management team.

Corporate Objectives

To be the hospitality leader in innovative design centered around sustainable architecture and biophilic design

To create spaces that bestow art and cultural involvements

To service and manage the most comfortable customized travel experiences